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Laser Therapy Zaps Toenail Fungus

Onychomycosis is a fancy name for an embarrassing condition: toenail fungus – an unsightly and sometimes painful infection that causes yellowing, discoloring, and thickening of the nail. Left untreated, it spreads under the nail causing it to become brittle and inflamed, and sometimes resulting in the nail loosening and pulling away from the nail bed.

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stock photo of a white person's hand holding a red Sharpie and writing out the word, "Diabetes".

10 Tips For Good Diabetic Foot Care

Part of podiatry care is helping patients with diabetes to care for their feet. Because diabetes causes damage to nerve and blood vessels, neuropathy is a very common symptom of a diabetic diagnosis.  Approximately 70% of people with diabetes develop neuropathy in their feet and hands. As responsible physicians, we care about our patients and want to

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