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Andy Roddick playing tennis

Full Contact ICON Orthotics Treat More Than Foot Pain

When U. S. Open Tennis champion Andy Roddick was 15 years old, he came to my office requesting a replacement pair of old-fashioned technology orthotics.

He had been using them for about a year for generalized foot pain and he had outgrown them.

I made him the pair that he requested and also recommended to him and his dad that he needed a lot more support than he was getting.

They decided to try the High Performance Full Contact Technology ICON Orthotics.

Andy told his dad that within one week of using his new ICON orthotics, his back pain, which he had been dealing with for almost 18 months, had disappeared.

High-performance podiatric orthotics had corrected the functioning of his entire leg, thus relieving his back pain, whereas Andy’s older technology orthotics had not.

The improvement was so dramatic that his father and his coach ordered a couple of pairs for themselves.

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts/arch supports, which can be purchased over-the- counter or can be custom-made.

Custom made orthotics can be made using old technology or the new High-Performance Full Contact Technology, which gives the most amount of support and correction.

Who would benefit the most from High-Performance Podiatric Orthotics? 

We are now able to relieve not only foot pain and heel pain, but also ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain. People who stand on their feet all day can also benefit from ICON orthotics. Pregnant women experience back pain due to the changes in their feet: they too can be helped.

What is the difference between High-Performance Full Contact Podiatric Orthotics and older orthotics? 

Full Contact technology is the main difference.

If you hold an old-fashioned technology orthotic up to your foot, you would see that it doesn’t quite match YOUR ARCH.

Full Contact ICON orthotics match your arch, exactly. The difference is that when you are using the Full Contact technology it immediately controls your foot, whereas the old-fashioned technology requires your foot to collapse first and then it begins to help.

Read more about ICON Orthotics.

Patients should also be aware that the shoes and sneakers they are presently wearing can give a tremendous amount of information to a podiatrist.

I always ask that my patients bring in their sneakers so I can see poor wear patterns, which again are usually due to abnormal functioning of the foot.

One of the most important things for patients to be aware of is the proper fit of most of their shoes. Shoes with laces should be fit larger than a regular dress shoe and should have approximately a thumbnail’s width in front of the longest toe.