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Custom Orthotic Solutions Put the Spring Back in Her Step

Kim Rossetti, a multiple marathon runner from Boca Raton, recently came to me after consulting with several doctors and orthopedic surgeons regarding her persistent impacts the bones, tendons and ligaments of her feet with every stride she takes.

Whether you are an athlete or a couch potato, a lifetime of walking or running can result in pain because these stresses flatten the arch of our feet as we age.

And when the arch flattens, it throws off the positioning of the foot, changing the alignment of the knees, hips and lower back, and often leading to persistent pain that can manifest anywhere along this kinetic chain.

The Top 4 Benefits Of Custom Foot Orthotics

  1. Full Support For Your Feet
  2. Reduced Pain
  3. Corrected Pronation
  4. Corrected Supination

These 4 benefits end up allowing you to perform your tasks in the most comfortable method possible, no matter how easy or strenuous the task at hand is.

Crossing the Finish Line with Custom Orthotic Solutions

When Kim talks about the life-altering results she’s gotten from using the Icon Full Contact Orthotics I had custom-made for her, she says, “It’s amazing – I can’t believe it!” Kim’s orthotics are comprised of a comfortable hard plastic plate that is molded to make full contact with her foot and support her arch.

Unlike traditional orthotics, these new orthotic solutions are 61% more supportive, constantly holding her feet in the correct position.

They don’t allow her arch to collapse, no matter how much running pressure she puts on them, yet they flex as she moves, allowing for proper functioning of her foot structures and accurate alignment of her lower extremities.

With Icon Full Contact Orthotics, Kim now competes totally pain-free and looks forward to running “until I’m 80!”

And, my less competitive patients who wear the Full Contact Orthotics are enjoying non-painful, normal feet and the correction of many other problems all the way up their skeletal chain.