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Are Heel Pain and Back Pain Related?

Heel pain and back pain can be related secondary to the abnormal functioning of the foot.

A pronated or collapsed foot can cause heel pain as well as back pain.

If you tend to walk with more weight on the inside of your foot, then you may have a pronated foot. This abnormality can contribute to back pain.

In other words, if the way you walk is abnormal or at least not optimal, then that will cause you to have an altered gait (an altered way of walking). This can easily force your muscles, including your back muscles, to be altered which in turn could cause you back pain.

Whether your foot pain is in your heel or arch or toes or any other part of your foot, if the pain causes you to walk abnormally in any way, this could cause you back pain.

Truth be told, just about any problem you have with your feet can cause or contribute to pain throughout your body including your legs, your back, your shoulders and even your neck. After all, the entire body is connected with tissues and muscles and when one is affected, this can easily spread to others.

Sciatica Heel Pain

Your heel pain can be a result of problems with your Sciatica which results from pressure on the L5-S1 nerve root. Most people think of leg pain when they think of Sciatica issues but in addition to any pain in the leg you can also feel pain in your heel and in your back.

Pinched Nerve Foot Pain

Another common foot or heel pain that can cause back pain is a “pinched nerve” which is essentially a thickened nerve tissue, oftentimes called a neuroma. A common one is Morton’s Neuroma.

These are often a result of an injury to the foot, repetitive stress, a deformity in the foot or, most commonly for women, ill fitting shoes or high heels.

A pinched nerve, or neuroma in your foot will cause you to walk differently and as a result, it will pull your back muscles which in turn will cause you back pain.

How To Prevent Back Pain Due To Foot Problems?

Treatment of course depends on the specific foot problem but I can say that for most people suffering from this problem, the answer is usually foot orthotics.

These days there are many off the shelf orthotic products but if you’re serious about the best treatment for your pain, I recommend custom Icon “full contact” orthotics.

We would create a mold of your foot, send it off to the lab to get a custom orthotic made specifically for you.